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H2 V2S REVO extruder of bigtreetech for 3d printer


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H2 V2S REVO extruder of bigtreetech for 3d printer

H2 V2S Revo is a compact dual-gear extrusion system that is incredibly light! The extruder with high-temperature resistance ensures outstanding performance and safer, smoother 3D printing.

Features of H2 V2S REVO extruder

  • High-temperature resistance: The temperature-resistant extruder guarantees safe printing with temperatures of up to 300 °C.
  • Revo Brass Nozzle: Say no to complex and lengthy assemblies! You can replace the Revo Brass nozzle manually without any tools. The heater features a positive temperature coefficient (PTC), which makes it much more safe: as it gets hotter, the heating power decreases.
  • Revo HeaterCore for outstanding performance: The innovative Revo HeaterCore and sensor architecture is a heater block that heats up in seconds – faster than traditional aluminium heater blocks.
  • Dual gear filament feed and adjustable tension: With a gear ratio of 7:1 and an extrusion force of max. 7.5 kg on the gears, an extremely smooth filament feed is made possible. The pressure exerted on the filament by drive gears can also be adjusted to your liking for greater flexibility.
  • Lightweight construction: The H2 V2S Revo weighs just 198g!
  • Practical lever handle: The lever handle saves you extra work by controlling the filament feed with ease!

Features & Advantages

  • Lightweight construction
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Manually replaceable Revo Brass nozzle
  • Fast heating Revo HeaterCore
  • Dual-gear filament feed
  • With a practical lever handle for filament control
Weight 1000 g

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