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Frames for 3D printer novo3D FDM printer


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Frames for 3D printer novo3D FDM printer

3D printer novo3D is a FDM printer.

3D printer Frames for machines are a very important part. It may look simple, but the design can actually be quite complex. This is due to the many different design possibilities. The importance of the 3D printer frame is attributed to the following,

  • It supports all the mechanical and electrical components that carry out the actual printing work
  • It determines the build volume of the 3D printer
  • It gives the printer its robust look, as well as its aesthetic appearance

Our design team analyses keep above point to design and manufacture ready to use frames in 3d printer and selling though our website through out India.

 Advantages 3dprinter Frames:

  1. Integrated Modular Design
  2. Well-Made All-Metal Frame
  3. Personal Tune Settings

Package Includes:

Vertical Column – Right Quantity
Tail mount 1
B. head screw M5x25mm 3
V Wheel 3
8/6mm spacer 2
8/6mm Ecc. Spacer 2.5H 1
M4 hammer nut 2
M5 lock nut 3
B. head screw M5x35mm 2


Vertical Column – Left Quantity
Left mount 1
Extruder mount 1
V Wheel 3
8 mm spacer 5
8 mm Ecc. Spacer 2.5H 1
B. head M5x40mm 3
M5 lock nut 3
B. head screw M5x35mm 2


Belt tensioner set Quantity
X Axis 1
y AXIS 1


Hot End Kit Quantity
Mount 1
V Wheel 3
8mm spacer 2
8mm Ecc. Spacer 2.5H 1
B. head screw M5x25mm 3
M5 locknut 3
Cooling Fan mount 1
M3 x 10 2


Aluminium profile Quantity
20X20 – 340mm 1
20X20 – 370mm 1
20X40 – 360mm 2
20X40 – 420mm 1


Bottom box frame 1
F688ZZ Holder 1
F688ZZ bearing 1
Belt 6 mm 1.6m
Acrylic Carriage plate 235*235 1
B.head screw M5x20mm 4
Filament holder 1
B.head screw M4 x 10 5
M4 hammer nut 2

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