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F688ZZ Bearing Holder Mildsteel Material For 3D Printer Machine

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F688ZZ Bearing Holder Mildsteel Material For 3D Printer Machine

F688ZZ bearing holder mildsteel material for 3d printer machine.


  • The F688ZZ bearing holder is made from mild steel material, providing durability and strength for various applications.
  • It is designed specifically for use in 3D printer machines.
  • The holder ensures a secure and stable fit for the F688ZZ bearing, allowing for smooth and efficient operation.


  • It is an essential component in 3D printer machines.
  • It is used to secure the F688ZZ bearing in place, preventing any unnecessary movement or misalignment during the printing process.
  • The holder ensures the smooth rotation of the bearing, contributing to the overall precision and accuracy of the machine.


  • Frame for 3D printer to use the bearing holder, simply insert the F688ZZ bearing into the designated slot or cavity.
  • Ensure that the bearing is properly seated and aligned within the holder.
  • Once in place, the holder can be securely fastened to the designated mounting points within the 3D printer machine.
  • Regular maintenance and inspection are recommended to ensure the holder and bearing are functioning optimally.
  • With its sturdy mild steel construction, precise dimension, and reliable performance, It is an ideal choice for 3D printer machines.
  • 3D printer frame provides the necessary support and stability for the F688ZZ bearing, contributing to the overall efficiency and accuracy of the printing process.

Package Include:

  • 1 piece of F688zz bearing holder.



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