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BIGTREETECH SKR 3 Motherboard 32Bit Board latest for 3d Printer Machine

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BIGTREETECH SKR 3 Motherboard 32Bit Board Upgrade for 3d Printer Machine

The BIGTREETECH SKR 3 motherboard revision B is a 32-bit 3D printer motherboard designed and manufactured by the 3D printing team of Shenzhen BIQU Technology Co., Ltd. BIGTREETECH SKR 3 is a successor to the SKR1.4 and SKR1.4 Turbo series of motherboards and adds many features. Added multiple functions to greatly protect the motherboard, rich expansion interface.

Product Specification SKR 3:

  • Microprocessor: ARM Cortex-M7 CPU STM32H743VIT6
  • EEPROM: 24C32 32-Kbit
  • Input voltage: DC12V-DC24V
  • Logic voltage: DC 3.3V
  • Firmware: Marlin, Klipper
  • WIFI interfaces: ESP-12S, ESP-07S, ESP32
  • Fan interfaces: 3 CNC fans, 2 normal fans, optional voltage of the CNC fan
  • Expansion interfaces: Servos, Probe, PS-ON, PWR-DET, Fil-DET, CAN FD
  • Motor driver: TMC5160T, TMC2209, TMC2225, TMC2226, TMC2208, TMC2130, ST820, LV8729, DRV8825, A4988, etc.,
  • Working modes of driver: SPI, UART, STEP/DIR
  • Motor driver interfaces: X, Y, Z (dual Z-axis), EO, E1, five-way
  • Heating interfaces: hot bed (HB), heating cable (EO, E1)
  • Temperature sensor interface: 1 way 100K NTC, 2 way 100K NTC and PT1000 optional
  • Display: serial touch screen, SPI touch screen, LCD display
  • PC communication interface: square USB A, easy to plug, communication baud rate 115200
  • File format: G-code
  • Printer structure: XYZ, delta, kossel, Ultimaker, corexy
  • Recommended software: Cura, Simplify3D, pronterface, Repetier-host, Makerware
  • Note: This motherboard does not include SD card

Matters needing attention:

  1. The jumper that allows selection between USB power or on-board power must be inserted so as to select one of the two options otherwise no power  will be supplied to the logic section of the motherboard and the power LED will not light up.
  2. The power of the hot bed connected to the main board must be less than or equal to 10A. If you want to use a high-power hot bed, BIGTREETECH SKR 3 is recommended to choose a hot bed with 24V power supply and use 24V to power the main board.
  3. The jumpers that allow selection between SPI WiFi (for RRF) or U disk functionality should be inserted to select at least one option.
  4. The driver anti-reversal insertion function is a newly developed function from BIGTREETECH. BIGTREETECH SKR 3 is currently only supported in Marlin firmware and therefore not available when using RRF firmware. Therefore, when you are not using Marlin firmware, please carefully check whether the driver is inserted correctly to avoid causing damage to the driver and/or the motherboard. Customers can also choose to install the Marlin firmware first and then install the RRF firmware after they are confident that the hardware installation is correct.
  5. BIGTREETECH SKR 3 uses a push-pull type SD slot which does not eject when pushing on the card after insertion. The installation stroke is far shorter than a push-push type SD slot and therefore customers should be gentle when inserting or removing a card. Returns for damage caused by mishandling the SD card will not be entertained.

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  • 1 pcs of SKR 3 motherboard.

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